Cardiovascular Disease Risks rising on the North Side

Cardiovascular Disease Risks rising on the North Side

The biggest killer in Australia today is cardiovascular disease, with over 35% of Australians over 40 years of age at risk, of an untimely or early death.

The figures are staggering and getting worse. The Heart Foundations own figures show that over 6 million Australians over the age of 45 are either obese/overweight or live a sedentary lifestyle. Combine this with hypertension, diabetes, and other factors, you have the development of the biggest pandemic in Australia today. The cost to the public is now $6.8 billion per annum.

The Heart Foundation states – “A heart attack is not a one-off event. It’s a life changer, with long term after-effects. The average cost of a heart attack to an individual and their family over a lifetime is $68,000. This includes lost income, out of pocket expenses like rehabilitation and medication and informal care from family and friends such as the time taken to provide basic nursing.”

The north side of Brisbane is not immune to this issue.

Whilst diet and exercise are key components of dealing with cardiovascular issues, the real dilemma for most people is – “How do I know if I am at risk?”

The key to dealing with this pandemic is early and accurate testing to determine how much at risk a person may be.

For the 1st time on Brisbane’s north side, a quick, non-invasive and inexpensive test is now available. Utilising a TGA registered device, people can now be tested accurately for heart and cardiovascular issues and be provided with a complete report in 3 minutes.

Greg Wilson, owner of Vitel Health in Redcliffe stated; “It is important that we intercept the issues that lead to some many premature deaths due to cardiovascular disease.” Sadly for many people, the first they notice that they have an issue is when they collapse with a heart attack.

Greg as a passionate driver of health in Redcliffe and beyond, is very much aware that people fail to take advantage of a testing process, because they often don’t know that they don’t have to attend an expensive specialist to see if there is an issue. Cost is often a draw-back to better health.

Now that the clinic is open at 29-31 Anzac Ave, Redcliffe, locals only need set aside 15 minutes to get the scan done and have the results immediately.

This provides simple and clear peace of mind, and if an issue is discovered, now something can be done in a timely manner, to ensure that any risk factors are dealt with.

Drop in and see Greg to say hello and enquire about getting a scan done. Or call on

3284 7430 to arrange an appointment.  Peace of mind is closer than ever.