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Max Pulse Scanning

Early detection of heart disease saves lives For Peace Of Mind get scanned today

Cardiovascular Health

After your scan we can pinpoint deficiencies and recommend protocols For a Strong Healthy Heart

All Natural Products

We only use and recommend 100% Natural Organic Vegan Products. The Way Nature Intended

All Health Concerns

Come and see us at vitel health, dont treat sypmtoms let us help you to treat the cause.

Prefer Peace of Mind?


Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved Class ll Medical Device MAXPULSE analyses and uses non-invasive pulse wave technology to assess the health of the cardiovascular system:

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Arterial Blockage
  • Arterial Stiffness and Elasticity
  • Blood Circulation
  • Mental/Physical Stress

Nitric Oxide Infusion

Nitric Oxide INFUSION is a natural amino acid infusion formulated using the Nobel Prize winning science that potentially clears and rejuvenates the cardiovascular system, returning it to its former healthy condition and in turn increasing vitality and energy.

Together, MAXPULSE and Nitric Oxide Infusion, have the ability to measure the condition of your cardio-vascular system and do something about it—if required. Then, simply re-scan in six months to monitor and evaluate progress.

  • Max Pulse Scan

  • $35

    • 20 minute consultation
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